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Leadership & Development Study.

Providing Peace of Mind.

A well-conducted study makes it much easier for leaders to reach an educated decision regarding moving forward. Moreover, those who are sincerely consulted prior to fundraising can often be counted upon to provide larger gifts later on.


  Compton’s Leadership and Development Study will objectively measure your membership’s response to: 

 The timing of your proposed campaign,
Your proposed project’s financial needs or “case for the campaign,”
The prospects of financially supporting the proposed campaign.



  • Informs members and friends what they can expect during a capital campaign: the structure, timetable, costs, expectations, etc.
  • Educates donors regarding the benefits of your proposed project or initiative prior to campaign activities.
  • If it’s determined that changes to your initial case will greatly improve your fundraising potential, those revisions can be made prior to asking for funds.
  • Trends that may positively or adversely affect subsequent fundraising efforts can be identified and either capitalized upon or addressed.
  • Better prepares church leaders and potential volunteers to carry out a successful campaign should you decide to move forward.

The Capital Campaign Process

Most volunteers are not natural fund raisers, so Compton provides guidance every step of the way with: 

Preparation of campaign materials,
Scheduling campaign phases, events and visitation,
Tips, scripts and coaching for clergy, leaders and campaign volunteers,
Visitor training for securing campaign pledges in a courteous, dignified and confidential manner while raising the most funds possible.



  • A campaign “steering committee” or “team” will meet weekly during the campaign.
  • One member on each steering committee serves as Spiritual Emphasis Chair to help promote a better understanding of stewardship in a manner that is appropriate
    and relevant for your congregation.
  • “Participation” is stressed at every level, from Advance Gifts to those on the mailing list.
  • During your campaign everyone should be asked to participate.
  • Compton works well with both clergy and laity. His daily presence during the campaign greatly reduces the burden on both staff and volunteers.
  • Helps develop meeting agendas, sets up meeting rooms, maintains communications and meets with members throughout the week and between Sunday services.
  • Compton-directed campaigns result in a greater understanding of your church’s mission.


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